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Maureen Lee Maloney, Director/Producer

Maureen Lee Maloney is a filmmaker and Adjunct Instructor at the Colorado Film School. She specializes in creating documentary content related to culture, science, and international issues. She has earned Master’s degrees in both Biology and International & Intercultural Communication.


Maureen served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Madagascar, and has lived and filmed throughout Africa, South America, and Asia. Her goal is to create films that connect people across cultural and geographic barriers, and improve understanding of important issues. She recently produced and directed the pilot episode of a reality TV series about a young woman learning to live more bravely (Hidden Tigers), as well as the first season of a web series featuring women in a variety of careers (Girl Aspiring).

Samson Kaed, Associate Producer

Samson Kaed was born and raised in the vanilla region of Antalaha, Madagascar. Currently he studies Communication in the capital city of Antananarivo. He founded the English Association of the Region SAVA, a program that involves youth in learning and speaking English throughout the Sava region, and is a well known composer under the name SmK’ Mikol’Art.


Samson has a lot of experience educating others, as a librarian for CLUE, a cultural facilitator at Peace Corps Madagascar, and many other companies. He recently traveled around the world for 6 months with Up With People, and is now working on Bright Top III to develop good leaders in Madagascar. He loves music and helping people.

Andrea Nordgren, Associate Producer

Andrea Nordgren is an independent director, producer, and creative director focused on commercial and branded content, with a specialty in documentary-style storytelling. 


Much of her directorial work is centered around telling human and emotional stories, particularly about people who have overcome adversity. She has a degree in psychology and worked as a drug counselor in New York and Chicago before launching her 20+ year in advertising and media. She is a voice and activist for diversity and inclusion, social justice, equality, and belonging. 


After working for many years in advertising and production in Chicago and Milwaukee, she relocated to the Boulder, Colorado area where she is a director as well as a board member for Women in Film and Media in Colorado. She is also Head of Brand Strategy and Executive Producer/Director for The 3% Movement, where she actively advocates for increased diversity and inclusion in the advertising and media industries.